90% of our graduates have passed the Hawaii State Exam and 95% of them have had jobs offered or have had job placement.

elite massage academy curriculum

Introduction to Massage Therapy

The introduction to the Professional Massage Program includes Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology combined with an introduction to Theory and Demonstration of Massage.

Proper procedure in massaging, record keeping, hygiene, contraindications, proper draping, and addressing the client's problem areas are the focus points during this part of the program.

After completing this students will then move on to the clinical portion of the program.

Advanced student clinic

The Advanced Student Clinic is a very important phase where each student will gain more knowledge and develop hands on experience in a clinical setting.

This is an important time to work hard on the professional techniques they have learned and need to become a professional massage therapist. This will include perfecting client intake and interview, record keeping, sanitary and hygiene procedures.

Additional advanced techniques and massage routines will be fully covered during this part of the program. These techniques will include Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi and Chair Massage.

With these advanced techniques and the other optional advanced techniques available, every student will have enough confidence and time to polish the skills need to excel as a Professional Massage Therapist.

professional preparation and evaluation

This closing part of the program focuses on the final evaluation of massage techniques, routines and preparation of the Hawaii State Exam.

Each student is met individually to discuss evaluations made by Elite Massage Academy’s staff to see if any weakness a student may have has improved to a higher standard.


open workshops

Elite Massage Academy also offers Massage Workshops to anyone interested in Massage Therapy. Each workshop is designed to focus on one style of massage technique or routine.

The workshop can be very basic or advanced depending on the individual attending the workshop. The term workshop actually refers to a class done for a shorter period of time compared to the Professional Massage Program so it serves a very beneficial role in the academy.

We have many students who are attending other massage schools coming to our workshops. This is either because the other schools do not offer the specific massage style or technique or they are not confident with what they have learned.

There have been situations where the massage workshop served as a door way into the Professional Massage Program. Beginner or advanced we have the workshop that will be special for anyone. 

Workshops offered (please call us for rates!)

  • Cross Fiber Massage

  • Pre-Natal Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Seitai

  • Reiki

  • Shiatsu

  • Lomi Lomi

  • Hot Stone Therapy (LMT)

  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage