At the Elite Massage Academy, our focus is to make sure each individual in our massage training program does not become just a number.

hands on training

The Professional Massage Program will provide all of the training and material to meet the requirements of the state and prepare you for the Hawaii State Licensing Exam.

At Elite Massage Academy, we strongly focus on teaching correct form, posture and proper body mechanics to ensure that each student will have a lengthily, healthy and successful career in the Professional world of Massage. Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology will continue to be covered but focusing on where a student may be having difficulty in a specific subject.

At Elite Massage Academy we strongly focus on each individual so it is never a “Keep up or Fall Behind” program.

qualified massage instructors

All of our massage instructors are also licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Education and have many years of massage therapy experience to offer.